Arethusa Life Sciences Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of high purity phytochemicals, high content herbal extracts, and active pharmaceutical ingredients.We are constructing the biggest resource library of herb reference substance in China.Aimed at enhance the Chinese traditional medicine quality standard, test the contents of active sustance in target TCM, separation and purification herbal monomer composition in TCM.

We provide:

1. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) compounds library for drug screen, more than 600 compounds in stock.

2. Custom-R&D and manufacturing service for high purity active ingredients of Chinese herbs.

3. Custom-R&D and manufacturing service for reference substances of Chinese herbs.

4. Process development and large-scale production of separation and purification for high purity natural pharmaceutical ingredients.

5. Chemical substances separation, purification, impurities isolation and identification service.